Business Continuity

As an integral component of its internal policies, processes and procedures, LA Marketing & Communications maintains a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP) detailing how the firm and its employees will respond to unforeseen events that have the potential of significantly disrupting its business and to minimize the impact of such disruptions and continue to provide products and services to its clients in a timely manner.  Since the precise manner, timing and impact of such disruptions including Acts of Nature are often unpredictable, and as the Firm’s operations and external relationships change and evolve, LA Marketing & Communications continually updates its BCP to be up-to-date and allow for maximum controlled flexibility in its response to actual events as they occur.  The following information is being provided to you regarding our business continuity plan.


Contact Numbers - if following a significant business disruption or event, you are unable to contact the firm at its main number 917-289-1119, please attempt to call our alternative emergency numbers at 312-320-9997 or 954-471-6163.  In conjunction, you can also attempt to reach us as the following email address in place to communicate in the event of such events and emergencies:


Our Business Continuity Plan

LA Marketing & Communications has enacted contingency planning to: quickly recover and resume business operations after a significant business disruption; safeguard its employees and property; quickly undertake financial and operational assessments, protect the Firm's books and records, and enable it customers to continue to transact business with the Firm.


LA Marketing & Communications BCP addresses comprehensive data back-up and recovery; mission-critical systems; financial and operational assessments; alternative equipment and technologies; communications with customers, employees and critical suppliers; alternate physical locations of employees and back-up roles in event of emergency; impact on critical suppliers, contractors, banks and counter-parties.


While every emergency situation poses unique problems based on external factors, such as time of day and the severity of the disruption, it is our objective to restore operations and be able to complete existing business and/or continue to conduct business within a reasonable amount of time based on robust and fully redundant systems, fault tolerance and effective recovery from system errors or disruptions.


The Firm’s BCP is comprehensive and updated frequently. Specifically, it identifies critical personnel necessary for the continuance of the Firm’s operations and assigns backup staff to take on predetermined roles during unforeseen events.  All such critical and back-up personnel have access tools and technologies to enable them to work from alternate sites and/or telecommute.  Key suppliers including hosting providers and other critical partners and vendors are documented and include the emergency contact numbers and the BCP policies and procedures of each supplier.  All critical equipment is inventoried and documented and back-up equipment is assigned and contingent sources are identified in event of disruptions or failures.  Corporate documents are consolidated and stored in secure, fireproof locations. Updated and revised copies of the Firm’s BCP policies are distributed to all employees.


Severity of Disruptions

Significant business disruptions can vary in their scope, and may affect only our firm, the buildings housing our firm, the business district where our firm offices and data centers are located, the cities where we are located, or entire regions. Within each of these areas, the severity of the disruption can also vary from minimal to severe. In a disruption to only our firm or the buildings housing our firm, we will transfer our operations to affiliate sites or to a local site when needed and expect to recover and resume business within 1 business day. In a disruption affecting our business district, city, or region, we will transfer our operations to a site outside of the affected area, and recover and resume business within 3 business days. In either situation, we plan to continue in business, and notify you by telephone or our customer emergency number, 917-289-1119. If the significant business disruption is so severe that it prevents us from remaining in business, we will inform you as soon as possible.







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