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LA Marketing & Communications is a preeminent marketing and communications agency laser-focused on servicing the needs of emerging, small and mid-sized financial firms and funds throughout the entire Americas region.  Our experience, methods, personalities and a fanatical focus on results not only differentiate us, but more importantly, help our partners stand out and resonate in a crowded marketplace.

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Our team brings decades of finance experience, not just in marketing, but also in roles spanning trading, operations, sales, strategy and many more.  We’ve helped build very successful firms operating in the capital markets, know what it takes to build yours.

Our knowledge, experience and extensive networks throughout the US, Latin America and Canada will open doors to invaluable cross-border opportunities.  We keenly understand the nuances of each market as well as relevant compliance issues, and can help align you with strategic partners, distributors & investors.

Engage in world-class marketing without providing costly salaries and benefits to in-house staff for the caliber of talent we deliver.  We can serve as a complete marketing extension of your firm or fund, leaving you free to focus on running your business.


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Seismic regulatory change is creating unprecedented opportunities for emergent firms and funds to engage with prospects, leads, clients and investors.  In an industry long dominated by the largest firms with deep pockets and well-known brands, the playing field is leveling for the innovative and nimble.  We’ll communicate your strengths, personality and unique offerings across diverse media while ensuring you stay compliant under new rules.

Intrinsic to our DNA is a passion for helping emerging, small and medium-sized firms and funds grow revenues and AUM.  Where others may aim for niches, we see and steer for the gaps.  The largest funds garner over 85% of new AUM and traditional asset managers more than 99%. Our mission is to change the imbalance by embedding clients onto institutional radars and forging new pathways to growth.

Benefit from a comprehensive range of marketing and communications services including planning, identity, media relations, collateral development, web and social media content, advertising, event planning and much more.  Additionally, our affiliate firms can help you with fund distribution, consulting, recruiting, training and more.

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As a team of professionals, our collective financial and tech-focused marketing and communications experience is unparalleled.  As an emerging agency, we feel both fortunate and grateful to have already worked with an incredible roster of highly innovative firms and funds during our first year in business, and hope for many more.


As policy and to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we never bring on direct competitors to existing clients.  We are committed to safeguarding their privacy and always keep client lists strictly confidential.


The types of firms and funds that we have worked with recently include:


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Investment Funds

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Private Equity Funds

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Executive Recruiters

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Marketing will make a difference

Historically, financial firms and investment funds benefited through barriers to entry created by dominant brands fueled by massive marketing budgets.  But now the post-2008 regulatory tsunami has radically altered the competitive landscape.  Regulations such as Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule and JOBS ACT are turning the field upside down.   Funding and liquidity pools are shifting towards the innovative and nimble while the electronification of asset classes is creating a tremendous opportunity.

The odds are certainly still stacked.  The majority of capital is still allocated to the largest funds and asset management firms.  One in ten funds will close their doors this year, and an equal number will appear.  Less than 10% of funds are even considered candidates for institutional funding.  For financial firms, escalating technology costs, competitive pricing and pressures of both fragmentation and consolidation are compressing margins.

With so many entrants and existing competitors vying for attention, each with their own story and unique value proposition, the difference between success and failure can be as simple as better marketing and communications.

With so many entrants and existing competitors vying for attention, each with their own story and unique value, the difference between success and failure is in many cases better marketing and communications.  Also, having targeted expertise at your disposal is a vital front-line hedge to protect brand and business during times of increased scrutiny and crisis.

We deliver a complete array of exceptional financial marketing and communications services that keep you several steps ahead of the competition, but also give you peace of mind by doing the critical things that take up executive time that other agencies cannot do.  These include understanding the competitive landscape, being adept compliance under new rules, developing content about topics such as electronic trading, technology, alternative investments and  other areas important to building your business.

And most importantly, we provide our experience and knowledge to tell your story and deliver your unique voice to prospects, clients and investors in a market awash with noise.  We know  how to navigate the broad, fast-changing and increasingly complex array of channels and also help find new opportunities across the entire Americas region you may not have even dreamed.






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