Our Name


The "LA" Difference

  • + It's fundamental to who we are...

    The “LA” part of our name is intrinsic to who we are, where we’re from and what we stand for.

  • + Does it mean "THE" in Spanish?

    Good guess but not quite.  It makes sense since our services help bridge these stellar cultures and it would certainly be crystal clear to our French-Canadian friends.  But for our valued Portuguese speakers, we’d just as much like to be “O LA Marketing & Communications”.

  • + Is it a certain city in the California?

    We love Los Angeles, and if you look at our Contacts Page you'll see that we have an important presence there, but that wasn’t the inspiration.

    It does relate to geography, but not exactly where you may think....

  • + Does it stand for "Latin America"?

    Getting closer. Some of our managers and staff are proudly from Latin America, but not quite there yet.

  • + What's the answer?

    OK, it’s not fair to keep you guessing anymore and we appreciate you've stayed with our little game thus far, the answer is, drum-roll please:

    "Las Americas" or "The Americas".

  • + So, why does is that important to our identity?

    "The Americas". It’s important to convey to you, because our name reflects our mission of creating a world-class marketing and communications agency focused on providing a stellar array of services for financial firms and funds across the entire Americas region.  Each and every one of us of us has devoted at least some part of our careers to spurring the growth of financial services across the entire Americas and we are now devoting our lives to leverage the professional knowledge and networks we’ve collectively attained to help serve your marketing needs - uniquely and distinctly.








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